Chairman’s Letter

On our website, you will find details regarding our products & services, the required conditions and the facilities we offer.

We grant long term housing loans to Lebanese households, working in Lebanon or abroad, in order to buy, build or rehabilitate a single apartment.

Banque de L’Habitat has been committed by law to ensure the best financial opportunities helping the middle class meet its aspiration of acquiring a decent shelter.

The Bank is proud to participate in the National effort, creating and reinforcing real and solid ties between the Motherland and the Lebanese Diaspora.

To achieve these goals and remain accessible to all Lebanese citizens, we are currently present in Beirut, Dora, Tripoli, Saida and Zahle. 

Our strong belief in the human element at Banque de l’Habitat can be reflected by the continuous training, development and education of our staff, enabling the best services to our clients.

While remaining focused on the fundamentals of banking industry, growth and profit, Banque de l’Habitat always focuses on filling the gap between the inflated cost of the housing supply on one hand, and the financial affordability of the median family income on the other.

Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to our staff, the Board Members and his Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, for their continuous support, helping us maintain high standard of excellence, the safest financial conditions and the fastest services.   

Joseph Sassine
Chairman – General Manager

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