Who We Are?

Banque de l’Habitat was established as a Lebanese joint-stock company by virtue of decree No 14 dated 10/1/1977 amended by the law No.283. It is a mixed company between the Lebanese Government and the Private Sector (Bank’s, insurance companies, individual investor). Its total paid up Capital was set up to 100 Billion LBP (80% owned by the private sector & 20% by the public sector). Banque de l’Habitat is a member of the Association of Banks in Lebanon and it appears on the list of Banks under No 41. Ever since its establishment, the Bank complies with the Collective Labor Agreement rules & conditions.

Banque de l’Habitat grants long-term housing loans in Lebanese Pounds, and manages the portfolio of Foreign Worker’s Certificates of Deposit as per decree No 283 dated 30/8/1993.

The Bank’s main mission is to lend individuals especially those who have limited or average income, in order to buy a house, build their own, renovate it accomplish it, expand it, or ameliorate it, as well as to finance the housing cooperatives. 

Banque de l’Habitat manages public & private funds that aim particularly at financing operations of housing loans, especially those that form a benefit for categories specified in the housing law, provided that it takes into consideration the loaner’s terms, if there are any. 

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