We are here to listen.

When handling your complaints, we will be:

- Approachable: You can access our complaints handling process through our website and through our employees and you can choose your preferred way to contact us.

-Responsive: We will give your feedback our full attention and we will be flexible when finding suitable solutions.

- Efficient: We are committed to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We will contact you within 3 days of registering your complaint and we will handle your claim in 15 days, unless exceptional delays occur.

-Accountable: Our executives will be given regular updates on complaints received and the way the process is functioning

You can submit a complaint letter using the below form or using the Complaint Box at any of the Bank’s Branches.

You can reach us at:

Customer Protection Unit: +961 1 954500 ext 263


Email: cp@banque-habitat.com.lb

Customer Protection Unit Hotline: +961 1 954535

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Note: We will contact you within three (3) days of registering this complaint. The reply shall not exceed 15 days unless exceptional delay occurs. This complaint will be treated in utmost confidentiality.